Portraits – Art or Science

There are many arguments out there as to what exactly makes a good portrait. In the early days of portraiture, it was a very precise science, lighting was placed exactly so as to throw just the right amount of shadow, at the right angle, in the right direction on the sitter, quite often producing a beautifully composed, but soulless, shot. It is really only in recent times that people have decided to push the boundaries of portraiture, giving the photographer […]

Fashion or Style?

When I first started in Fashion Photography (quite a few years ago), what really surprised me was that ‘Fashion’ was almost entirely in the eye of the beholder i.e. very subjective. It seems that the the old adage ‘style never goes out of fashion’ applies most definitely to Fashion Photography. Take some of the shots by the oldΒ  fashion masters such as Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn; their shots are timeless and while they record the Fashion of […]

Wedding Fever 2009

The 2009 Wedding Season has started with a bang. The team at David Lawson Studios are busy planning and scheduling weddings at all the top North-East wedding venues and honing their skills for what looks to be their busiest Wedding Photography season ever! The photographic team of David Lawson and Lee Scullion are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services for weddings in the North East of England this year and are already having to schedule for the year 2012. The […]