Boudoir FAQ'S

Most of our clients have never done this before and will have a lot of questions before contacting us for the photoshoot.
Here are some common questions we get asked and feel free to message us with anything else want to know.


Most frequent questions and answers

We will Air Brush and Edit all photos before you see them. We want to keep them as natural as possible and see your true beauty from the photos we’ve taken. Any marks, blemishes, or smoothening of the skin can all be done if needed, just let us know if is something you would like/would’nt like doing.

We offer this experience for everyone over the age of 21. But we’ve had women up to age 75 come in for the photos and everyone else inbetween.

Not at all! We have women of all shapes and sizes come in for the experience. From sizes 6-34 you are all welcome!

We want to promote body positivity!

Fill out one of our contact forms or purchase the experience through our online shop and one of the team will get back to you within 24 hours to tell you more about the experience and to get you booked in!

All of the photos will be taken at our High Street Studio in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. The studio has a private changing area, lots of amazing backgrounds, props and lighting to enhance your experience.

Great question! We offer Handmade and Locally Sourced Photo Albums, Print Boxes, Wall Frames and lots more amazing products for you to choose from. Let us know if you are looking for something in particular and we can show you it when you come in for the photos.

1-2 weeks after your photoshoot, you will be invited back to the studio to view your photos. They will be revealed to you one by one as you sit back and relax while you watch the slideshow of all of your amazing photos.

This cinema style viewing experience is the best way to show you your pictures and will help to choose what you’d like to order.

We have been in our studio for 40 years and are based right opposite the Sunderland Royal Hospital on Chester Road. You can drive and park right outside the studio, there are lots of buses that run all the time and even the train station/metro station is within walking distance as well.

Our studio is on the 2nd floor of our building. We have stairs/ double hand rails leading up to to studio area where we will taken the photos. There isn’t a lift/chair lift unfortunately.

We have an award winning Makeup Artist who will createΒ  your dream look and can even style your hair too! We would advise getting your hair done before you come in though. Have a pamper day and make the most of your new look!

Our photographers Josh or David will be in the studio with you. You are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member to the shoot with you as well if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you choose to have your makeup done, Amanda will be there on hand as well to help out!

Lots of us are intimidated by lacing, clasps, hooks and buckles on lingerie – all these details and fastenings look great on camera, but can be really fiddly and time consuming. Common requests are lacing corsets, securing hooks and eyes, attaching stockings, adjusting straps, clasping necklaces and buckling shoes.

Yes! This is your chance to bring in your favourite lingerie or treat yourself to a new pair!

Bring in your favourite 2-3 sets along to the shoot and if you need help deciding, let us know and we will do our best to advise you.

You don’t need to, that’s what we are here for! Our photographers will demonstrate each position and how to get into them. They will make sure you hands, legs, body and hair are all perfect before they take the shot.

These are you photos and will remain private unless you tell us you are okay with them be shared. We do love to promote and share our beautiful images but this only with the permission you give us.

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