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At David Lawson Studios, we are the go to photographers in Sunderland to capture you and your bump. The time before your baby is born is just as important. This shows your journey through 9 months of watching your baby grow inside. Our aim is to photograph and present you with beautiful images for you to treasure forever.

David and Josh are a father and son team who have photographed thousands of women since opening the studio back in 1984. Bump and Maternity shoots have become more and more popular over the last few years. We use our creativity and award winning style to photograph you in the best way possible. We know just the right ways to pose you and what clothes will look right on the day of the shoot. 




What can you expect on your Bump Shoot?

Before you even step foot through the doors, David and Josh will tell you all about the experience. They will go through ideas, themes, what to wear and what backgrounds and props they have on offer. The studio has toilets and changing facilities for you to use at any point during the shoot. The State of the art studio has been designed with you in mind. Our lighting and keen eye for detail will make for stunning images that you have seen in the top high end magazines. We want to look at your pictures and be speechless.

The photoshoot usually will last between 30-60 minutes. You can bring your partner along or a friend/family member for support or to be in the photographs too.

After the shoot, you will be invited back to the studio to see your pictures in our Cinema Style viewing room. We will talk you through some fabulous products and options for you to display proudly in your home and to show your closest friends and family.


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