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Why Business Portraits are important?

Your business image is part of your brand and more important than you think.

Credibility – A professional portrait adds credibility. First impressions are lasting and if your prospective client’s impression of you comes from an impressive business portrait you are creating a positive initial connection.

Professionalism – Your personal image is your brand, and if you are a professional, then your image must exude professionalism. 

Invest in yourself – If you are in the market for a new job, any future employer will be looking for someone who would best represent their company. A professional portrait shows that you are serious and you are willing to invest in yourself!

Stand out from the crowd – Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is seven times more likely to be clicked on if you have any simple picture? Imagine how that number might change if your image was a professional portrait

Build Trust – It is important to build trust and you can achieve this if people recognise you in person when they meet you. They are more likely to give you their business if they feel that they know you better. Also, if attending networking events you may meet and trade business cards with others. If they go to look up your profile on LInkedIn, they will recognise your image and know for sure that it’s YOU. 




Why Choose David Lawson Studios for your Portraits?

When David and Joshua take your business portraits, they will capture you in a style that best represents you and your business. This is why David Lawson Studios is able to list amongst its customers a wide range of people and businesses, from large corporates, such as BMW and Sunderland AFC, to members of the Royal Family and individual professionals. Your portrait will be tailored exactly to your needs and can be taken in our state of the art studio. We have invested heavily in state of the art lighting and backdrops so we feel sure you will be suitably impressed with our pictures. We can also arrange to take them in an environmental or corporate situation whichever suits your needs.

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