David Lawson photographer makes the news today after re shooting a wedding for Caroline and Colin after there oringinal photographer let them down. Watch and listen to the story yourself:

David Lawson Saves the Day on TV A must See


David on TVDavid stepped in and re shot the wedding after the couple were dissapointed with the original photographer. David said the re shoot went great but only hopes new brides looking for a Proffessional Wedding Photographer do more research  being in the business for over 25 years you know just how many bad part time amateurs are spoiling the bride and grooms big day with poor or average wedding photography.

Having a good camera does not make you a good photographer the same as having a great paint brush does not make you a great artist. Creativing and experience knowing what to do when the great British weather is not going your way all these things cannot be bought or taught only earned over the years.

Please come in and see our work and just why we know we are the best. www.DavidLawsonStudios.co.uk

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