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David Lawson Photography Studios is ran by David and his son Joshua. Since 1977 when the original studio was opened, David and his team have won over 200 international awards in the industry. Their success has brought thousands of people in the North East to become a household name asscoaited with High Quality Products, Excellent Customer Service and Unique Photographic Style that cannot be created anywhere else.

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David Lawson Studio - Generations
David, Josh and Bob (3 Generations of Lawson)


The Story behind our Studio and how it all started


Since the start, it was a love of photography, which inspired Bob to leave the Police Force and set up which was then Crown Photography back in 1977.

Crown Photography was the leading and go to Portrait and Wedding Studio in the North East of England. The business grew to new heights, as Bob became the Chairman of the Master Photography Association (MPA). Which was the leading Association for Photographers in the World for aspiring photographers and photographic awards.

In 1984, David his son joined the business and helped the move of the business onto Chester Road, Sunderland. They have been their ever since and for the next 16 years would continue to grow the business and have great success.

One of the highlights for David was winning Fuji’s ‘UK Photographer of the year’ for his outstanding work. David and his team have since gone onto winning over 200 Awards.

With the Millennium coming near, David took the step in securing the businesses future by rebranding as David Lawson Studios. Which to now has become a name symbolized in the northeast with professionalism, quality and customer service.

As a family ran business, we have been recognized for our outstanding eye for detail and creativity. These traits have lead us to photography Members of the Royal Family, Football & Sports Icons, Prime Ministers and Celebrities.

It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys. David’s son Josh joined the business on a short-term basis to help David focus on his partner/josh’s mum who had terminal cancer in 2015. And 2 Years, later Bob (David’s dad) also passed away unexpectedly.

Josh has since become a key part of the business, taking it in a new direction with fresh and creative ideas. Learning everything from his granddad, mum and dad have taught him. There’s nothing like getting thrown in at the deep end to sharpen up your skills to create beautiful images.

Together even with tragedies in the family, David and Josh’s bond is stronger than ever. They work hard to ensure you are looked after like you are part of the family.

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David Lawson Studio
Studio Outside Picture


Wedding Photography – “A Uniuque Style that can only be created with Experience”


Getting every detail of your wedding day is crucial and has to be 100% right. As one of the most over crowded and competitive industries to be in, there are thousands of wedding photographers looking for you to take their wedding. Maybe it’s a friend who suggested they could do it or someone who works from home as a 2nd job.

You want someone, a team of wedding photographers who have dedicated their lives to their craft of becoming highly skilled professional photographers. Its not just a job, it’s a passion and with over 4o years of experience photographing over 6000 weddings, we know what you are looking for.

Telling your day from start to finish, capturing every little detail as it unfolds. Our style has changed over the years but is unique to us. We would describe it as natural and spontaneous with a variety of breathe taking WOW shots made to stop you in your tracks.

Your wedding day has to be perfection and our aim is to exceed your expectations and provide you with timeless, emotional and romantic images. Our role as wedding photographers is to add an extra level of creativity and confidence that will relax your mind they will do the job right and capture every shot.

We have to this date won over 200 Awards and photographed a list of stars and celebrities who understand what we are trying to achieve for them. As one of the best wedding photographers in the UK for the last 35 years David, now joined by his son Josh have won the converted title of “Wedding Photographer of the Year.”

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David Lawson Studios - Seaham Hall Weddings
Seaham Hall Wedding Photography by David Lawson


Portrait Photography – “Caputirng your Families personality couldnt be more important than right now”


A family photo shoot is an unforgettable experience. Together with your professional photographer, we will capture your families’ personalities through exciting and creative shots.

Each family comes to us for a different reason. With your ideas and our experience, lets make this moment in time something special.

Our Studio has become well known throughout Sunderland, the North East of England and across the United Kingdom for its contemporary timeless photos. This has lead to many of our clients becoming repeat customers and friends over the last 40 years.

From full family portraits, individual portraits or child portraits, we have a style to suit everyone.

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David Lawson Studios Portraits
David Lawson in the Studio


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