UNVEILED Wedding Magazine – Features David Lawson Photography Studios

WOW the article looks so nice with a Wedding taken at Le Petit Chateau Amazing Wedding Photography.

When our fabulous bride and grooms were asked “How did you approach the process of searching for a wedding photographer? Did you have certain criteria that had to be met initially (budget, photography style, level of experience“, this was there reply:-

The photography style was the main thing but we also wanted someone who would be a natural fit with us and not have the day dominated by the presence of photographer. It was David and Joshua Lawson’s demeanour that made us decided that we wanted them to photograph our wedding in the end he was very easy to talk to and understood our requirements.

How was David or Joshua on the day of the wedding?

David fit perfectly, taking the right amount of posed and candid photos without being intrusive to our day. Had it not been for the camera, David would have appeared as a wedding guest, in fact a few guests commented how good his green three piece suit looked. It was also a nice touch that he made such an effort to dress well for our day.

Overall, how would you rate your wedding photography experience?

Would you recommend your photographer to other couples and if so, why? They were fantastic, we would fully recommend David Lawson, he understood exactly what we wanted from him and we got some amazing photos.


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