When I first started in Fashion Photography (quite a few years ago), what really surprised me was that ‘Fashion’ was almost entirely in the eye of the beholder i.e. very subjective. It seems that the the old adage ‘style never goes out of fashion’ applies most definitely to Fashion Photography. Take some of the shots by the oldΒ  fashion masters such as Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn; their shots are timeless and while they record the Fashion of their time, their style is classical and very unique to the photographer. This is what I try to achieve with my Fashion Photography;Β  a sense of style and (I hope) my signature techniques stamped all over them. I have restricted my Fashion shoots to a small circle of clients due to the limits on my own time, but in our studios we now have a new breed of Fashion Photography ‘young guns’ who are producing cutting-edge, award winning work , in their own unique style. These new talents are waiting to create for you either in our comprehensively-equipped studios or ‘on location’ and together with our ‘state-of-the-art’ post production suites, we can really produce work that is stunning, stylish and unique. At David Lawson Studios we are confident that we can add a touch of class to your fashion needs, in our our own unique style.

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