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Grainger PLC is one of the UK’s largest professional landlords. They have new offices in Citygate in Newcastle Upon Tyne and they asked if we would come to the location to shoot some photos of their new office space.

On the day we met the lovely Ellie from Grainger plc as she guided us in the direction of the kind of photographs the company was looking for. Usually in these kinds of situations we shoot the space before any employees have started working thee however this time it wasn’t possible to get the photoshoot done before employees started there. However, this isn’t an issue, we can simply move objects or photoshop certain things out like reflections or objects like mugs that may be sitting on tables. If there are screens in your office space that are shot with nothing on, we can also photoshop your logo onto them.

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Grainger PLC will use these images for all kinds of marketing purposes and communications for example on social media and pr releases.


We ensure that we capture every angle of your office space, so you have those long open shots as well as up close and detailed photographs. We also take photos of any board room that may be in the space, communal tables such as booths and the kitchen area if there is one. This way you have every aspect of your office space captured.


Photographs from the Shoot

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To provide you a bit of a background, when it comes to commercial photography, the purpose is to help sell or promote something. Try promoting your new wedding venue or spa resort without any photos. And how about pushing a sales and marketing campaign without any pictures. Its unthinkable, isn’t it? So, this is what commercial photography is all about, creating images that help sell, promote or advertise your business, products and services.

Images give your business the opportunity to make your first impression count. The impact must be immediate, positive and leave no doubt in the customer’s mind what they are getting. By using top-class commercial photographers such as David and Joshua Lawson, they can make this happen.

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