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Nike Team Day Out At The Beach

Nike asked us to photograph one of their local teams in the North East at Seaham beach in County Durham.

The photos were to be used for PR, Social Media and Blog posts.

We had a fantastic time photographing their team and as you can see by the pictures, they did too.

Check out a selection of our favourite photos taken of the Nike team.

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The Nike swoosh looms large over the footwear industry. This uncontested giant of the field has built itself up through high-profile endorsements, sleek designs, and PR campaigns successful enough to etch its way into pop-culture history. But the brand of Lebron James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan didn't come from nowhere. To understand Nike (NKE) - Get Free Report requires understanding a story that began with a self-described average track runner coming out of college and a coach obsessed with the connection between speed and design.

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