Pet Photography Services

Nowadays pets aren’t just pets they are a massive part of the family and with that they like to be a part of every moment like a family photoshoot! We have no problem if you would like to bring your pet along to your photoshoot to capture shots with them.

Also, we can photograph just your pet if that’s what you’re looking for, we can create some stunning shots of your beloved pet for your home or whatever your needs and wants may be.

Choosing David Lawson Studios for your Pets Photographs

David Lawson Studios has over 30 years’ experience and with this we know to capture the right photo with ease even if there’s a pet involved. Our award-winning studio is spacious and contains a changing room, therefore space isn’t an issue, pets can roam, and we can work with them to take some beautiful photographs of them or them with your family.

We’ll ensure your pet is comfortable and showing their character throughout the photoshoot to create some truly memorable photographs.

Meet Tiger!

The lovely Rhianna and Kieran joined us in the studio recently to get a photoshoot taken and they brought their gorgeous pet, Tiger!

Tiger absolutely stole the show, and may we say even looked like he enjoyed getting his photo taken. Take a look at the shots below, this will also provide you with an example of how these kinds of shots can turn out like. Even though this example is with a couple, the shoot would be no different with a bigger family or with children involved.

Our Pet Photography Services

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