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Top 5 Reasons To Have A Family Photoshoot

TOP 5 REASONS TO HAVE A FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT 1. To Create Memories! Families are always growing and changing. You get married, have beautiful children and suddenly they are all grown up. Our experiences shape us into who we are today and photos capture those changes. They create a timeline of moments and memories for you to look back on and to treasure for years to come. Don’t let life pass you by and find yourself looking back, wondering why you

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The Importance Of Family Portraits

The Importance of Family Portraits The importance of having a studio portrait with your family.   The Importance of family portraits. In 2020, we have found ourselves spending more time with our loved ones and family members. For most of us we spend more times on our social media then socialising with our family. We started our business in an era when families would come together to get a once in a lifetime portrait, as you would have to go

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Family Photography North East

Family Photography North East   David Lawson Studios 191 Chester Road Sunderland SR4 7JA T – 0191 565 6464 E – David@davidlawson.com See all of our work at – David Lawson Studios Follow us on – Facebook   Family Photography at David Lawson Studios  David and Josh are a father and son team who specialise in Family Photography. David and his dad set up the business back in 1984 on Chester Road, Sunderland. Now with Josh, they are the North

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