The Importance of Family Portraits

The importance of having a studio portrait with your family.


The Importance of family portraits. In 2020, we have found ourselves spending more time with our loved ones and family members. For most of us we spend more times on our social media then socialising with our family. We started our business in an era when families would come together to get a once in a lifetime portrait, as you would have to go to a professional photography studio to get pictures of your family. 




Why are Family Portraits so important?

The bond between family is so strong, they are there for you when you need them the most and will always be there no matter what. The older we get, the more we appreciate things in life that we didn’t when we were younger. Families continue to grow as children are born and couples marry, bringing unity to the two families. Moments like this don’t come around everyday and this is why we feel it is so importance to capture these precious times with photos that you can treasure forever. These pictures will be the most valuable things that you own.

We all have hundreds if not thousands of pictures on our phones and really only a select few matter to us. Our customers after they have had their pictures taken had wish they had done it sooner. They leave with a smile on their face, an experience that they will never forget and pictures they can hang proudly in their home. Many become customers for life and they come back every few years for a special occasion or milestone. Your family is your priority and all the material things that we think we care about should be second in our lives. 



The Experience


Your experience starts as soon as your get in contact with us. This might be your first time having pictures taken or your 5th, but you will always be treated the same. Our aim is to take you on a journey to show you why having these pictures of you and your family is so important. We will educate you on what we do, what kind of pictures we will take and what products we offer. Before your studio session, you will be told what to bring, what outfits will look best told what to expect on the day of the shoot. The shoot itself will last around 60 minutes. We will photograph you against different backgrounds, pose you in different ways and use state of the art lighting to capture the perfect picture. 

We are creatives and are always looking to take a unique shot of you and your family that can’t be created anywhere else. 


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