1. Self-Love Experience

Boudoir is a celebration of you and your body. As a woman, I understand that when we look in the mirror we are sometimes not happy with what we see. There is an image in our heads of what we should look like, and we feel the urge to “perfect” ourselves until we reach that goal. But our bodies tell a story of who we are. 

There can be stretch marks and loose skin on your belly. The laugh lines, wrinkles, and the color of your hair. Freckles, moles, weight, scars, tan lines, all of it make up part of your story. Embrace that, everybody is a work of art and unique in its own way and I’m helping you to see that.

2. Confidence boost

Firstly is overcoming the fear of having your photos taken in your lingerie. But after our clients see their photos they cant believe what they see. We know through the correct posing, lighting, outfits and expertise we can highlight every aspect of your beauty and body. Our team will make you feel like a queen or celebrity for day. Through hair, makeup and photography each part of the experience has been thought about with you in mind.

The day is all about you and sometimes we work so hard and think about others before putting yourself first. So we urge you to pick a day out of your busy schedule and book yourself a boudoir shoot. When you take care of your mind, body and soul, the people in your life benefit as well. You will leave the experience more confident, uplifted and most of all happy!

3. Celebrations, Gifts & Milestones

This experience can be a gift to yourself or to give to your partner. A session like this is an investment but can you imagine seeing and having those photos in 20 years time? This is going to be your legacy! On the other hand, if it’s a gift to your partner, can you imagine them looking at those photos? I’m sure that it’s something they never expected to get as a gift and it would be a huge surprise.

Boudoir can also be a milestone or celebration for those who are getting married, lost weight, accepting who you are, before or after becoming a mum or starting a fresh – we have seen it all. Most importantly it’s the perfect way to treat yourself.

4. Discovering who you are!

Capturing intimate, sexy and flattering and sometimes naughty photographs with taste can help you to rediscover your feminine energy. Let this experience remind you of what being a woman is all about and embrace your personality and body while we have fun creating memories together. It feels good to be spontaneous sometimes and the doing something new or stepping into the unknown is what helps us grow as person and will make you feel better for it.

5. Beautiful Art you will keep forever

After your photoshoot, with your wishes and expectations in mind you can choose which of your pictures you want to create wall art or to make a beautiful photo album out of them. These will become more important to you over time and will always be a reminder of the day you said yes to yourself! You would be surprised how many women hangs these portraits in their home or to display for people to see.



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