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Top 5 Reasons to hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

We have came up with our 5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer

Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your day can be the difference between capturing your day perfectly or being left disappointed for the rest of your life.

Being in the business for over 43 years, David and Josh are about to tell you their top 5 reasons why you should choose to hire photographers like themselves.

How many weddings have they photographed?

The difference between a professional and an amateur photographer can be found out by asking how many weddings they’ve photographed. To date we have photographed over 4000 weddings and have won over 200 awards just for weddings alone.

Could you justify choosing a photographer who has only shot a couple of weddings over some one who has taken hundreds, if not thousands. Dig a little deeper and find out more about themselves and what they have and haven’t done.

Their knowledge of a Wedding Day

 A professional photographer must know and have the following:

  • How to compose the perfect picture
  • Understand lighting
  • Have a Professional Camera 
  • At what moment to press the shutter
  • Understand the needs of the bride and groom

The list goes on. What we’re trying to say is there is so much to think about on a wedding day, and you don’t want your photographer wasting time wondering what to do. 

We understand the time constraints and the pressures of your wedding day and know exactly what will happen before even you do!

The Quality of their work

It’s important to also remember how good the quality of your photographers work must be. Are most of their shots out of focus or blurred? You want sharp, clear and colourful images that show your wedding day in beautiful and wonderful way.

Using high quality images that you see on the best photographers Websites & Social media pages, attract a big following. 

You wouldn’t go to a restaurant where the pictures looked unappetising because the photography was poor would you? You are more likely to go to a Michelin Star restaurant will out of this world images.

Do they have a big social media following?

With social media growing so much over the last 10 years, it has lead to many photographers being able to grow a following they thought was once out of their reach.

We all go off who has the most recommendations or which page has the most likes/followers as to who we trust the most. 

Nine times out of ten the photographers who have the biggest following will deliver you a service and end product far superior to those who have a small following.

You only get one chance to get it right

To finish off, you only have once chance to get it right. I would always always always go and meet the photographer in person. Don’t get caught up on how much their prices are online because actually what really matters is their pictures leave you with a big smile on your face.

We know so many people who have been let down by their photographers because they: 

  • missed shots the bride and groom wanted
  • their was a lack a of variety
  • the pictures were executed poorly
  • the quality wasn’t what they promised

I could think of so many more but choose wisely and you won’t be left disappointed.