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Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle based Wedding Photographers covering Tyne and Wear Northumberland and the North East
The Dictionary Definition of Fabulous:
Extraordinary, very good; wonderful.
All this and more when you choose ‘Fabulous’
You Think Weddings Should Be Fun?

So do we!

The pleasure and enjoyment factors shine through in the Natural Fun Sessions!

The definition of ‘Vintage’ is quite clear – “Denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.”
That describes our vintage style to a T (or should I say V?)

David Lawson Wedding Photography Services

There can be no substitute for experience and knowledge so you can be assured we will give you that one to one service all the way through.

“We believe no other studio in the North East can shoot your Very Special Wedding the way we can”

Our Exclusive Award Winning photography offers a unique record of your wedding day successfully combining an unobtrusive,  more spontaneous style with magazine fashion style images mixed in.